Did you guys see who won yesterday's 2014 World Cup final? No, it was not Germany.

Sure, the Germans beat Argentina to take home the FIFA World Cup Trophy. But they weren't the real winners of the game. Instead, that title goes to none other than Rihanna, who managed to have more fun than anyone who was actually on the pitch yesterday both during and after the game.

Rih-Rih got the party started down in Brazil by posting this tweet to her Twitter account yesterday:

She also let the world know exactly who she was rooting for in the World Cup final by posting this:

During the game, she sent out some commentary about what was going on on the field:

And when Mario Gotze scored in extra time to give Germany a 1-0 lead, she exploded with excitement and let a series of tweets loose to show just how happy she was:

She even got so excited that she flashed the crowd!

But she didn't stop there. As Germany celebrated, she snapped a shot of the team and congratulated them on Twitter:

She also found a few minutes to set a thirst trap:

And then, she continued her celebration:

Before long, Rihanna was holding the FIFA World Cup Trophy in her arms. Thanks to all of her support for Germany, she got to meet Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger:

She also got to chop it up with Mario Gotze:

And of course, Miroslav Klose (aka "King Klose") showed her some love, too:

So all in all, it wasn't a bad day at all—for Germany or for Rihanna:

Rihanna, you are the real MVP of the World Cup. See you in Russia in 2018?

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[via SB Nation]