Even though Jimmy Graham was lined up essentially as a wide receiver, in the slot or flanked out to the sideline, 67 percent of the time last season, NFL arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled that the Saints tight end, was indeed, just a tight end. This news comes after Graham fought to receive franchise for a wide receiver since he felt as though he wasn't the typical definition of a tight end. Plus, it also didn't hurt that the difference in money received in that one-year contract was $5 million. 

In addition to claiming that Graham "was lined up within four yards of the [offensive] line on more than 50 percent of his snaps," Burbank also points to his old Twitter bio which referred to himself as a tight end. In response to the news, the Browns' Jordan Cameron has made a change... 

And that's not all. The Packers' T.J. Lang had a pretty awesome response as well.

Hey, it's all fun and games until five milli is hanging in the balance.  

[via ESPN]