You ever play Monopoly and just feel like whoever gets Boardwalk and Park Place is going to win? That's kind of how it feels right now with LeBron James apparently gunning for Kevin Love to come join him in Cleveland. It has that impending championship feel, and because of that fact it's going to take a lot (as in more than just Andrew Wiggins) for the Timberwolves to part with their star big man.

Luckily (for fans of other franchises) the deal doesn't appear to be immediately impending (according to sources). It's still real enough for the star coming home to reach out to Love about a potentially dominating duo. We say that because LeBron reportedly talked to Love, via phone call, and "expressed a desire" to team up. It's unclear whether that reunion would stem from a trade for this season, or come from a free agency move by Love after the year. After all, Love and his reps informed T-Wolves management that he would not be returning to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the 2015-16 campaign.

[via Yahoo Sports]

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