The Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate is one that’s raged for the last few years. And while we'll never get to see the two play one-on-one on the court, it's always been Michael Jordan ahead in terms of popularity. At least according to The Harris Poll, that is. This year, however, the King has usurped the GOAT for the No. 1 spot in America’s heart. According to the latest Harris Poll, which was conducted among 2,241 adults aged 18 and over between June 11 and June 16, 2014, LeBron is currently America's favorite sports star. Jordan stays right behind in second place, while Derek Jeter moves up to third position, followed by Peyton Manning in the four-hole, and Kobe Bryant and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. are tied for the final spot in the top five. First, LeBron announces his decision to return home to Cleveland, now it looks like he's America's newest sweetheart. How quickly fans forgive, and forget. You can check out the rest of this Harris Poll results here.

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[via Harris Interactive]