There are a lot of kids out there who really, really want to grow up to be the next Kevin Durant. But there's a good chance that none of them are actually going to do it. Odds are, Josiah Brown isn't going to do it, either, seeing as how KD is a super rare specimen. But at just 4 years old—yes, 4 years old—he's off to a good start.

Brown isn't even in kindergarten yet, let alone middle school or high school. So there's really no telling what his future in the world of basketball will actually be. But as of right now, he's supremely talented for a 4-year-old kid and can already handle the ball better than most kids two or three times his age. He received an outstanding player award recently at the Muggsy Bogues Fundamentals Basketball Camp in Charlotte, N.C. and beat out a bunch of older kids in a free-throw contest, too. And it's clear that he's going to develop into something pretty special on the court once he gets a little bit older, especially if he keeps watching his favorite player Durant and mimicking his every move when he practices.

Check out the video above to see Brown in action. Very impressive.

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[via Yahoo! Sports]