Not only do they consistently get their stadiums comped by tax payers, but the list of demands made by the NFL before deciding where they'll play the Super Bowl is equal parts arrogant and hilarious. Recently Minneapolis won the bid to host the 2018 edition of the biggest event in sports; and skipping the irony that the majority of the new stadium already came free of charge (in the method we mention in the first sentence) a classified document also revealed some of the benefits the league was seeking from the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the privilege to host the game. These include:

Two "top quality" bowling alleys at no cost for the "Super Bowl Celebrity Bowling Classic."

Four golf courses where greens and cart fees "must be waived." (Because there's nothing like golfing in Minnesota in February).

Cell phone towers put up if the cell service is deemed inadequate.

Free presidential suites in local hotels.

35,000 free parking spaces.

All the revenue from the game's ticket sales.

Free advertising (billboards, radio, newspapers, etc.)

In-stadium ATMs that take "NFL preferred credit and debit cards." And the stadium must remove ATMs that don't have those restrictions.

Free police work to crack down on counterfeiters.

Free police escorts.

And the hotels where the participating teams will stay have to have NFL Network for at least one year before the Big Game.

There is but one stipulation that we know for sure Minneapolis hasn't accepted (yet). And that was a request by the NFL that they would get "exclusive rights" to pick vendors who could sell Super Bowl merchandise at local airports, as well as the "unrestricted ability" to put as many kiosks in those airports as they wanted.

It should go without saying that they wanted that perk for free.

[via Minneapolis Star Tribune] - The whole 154-page document can be viewed here.