Donald Sterling will just not go away. According to the L.A. Times, the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers has hit a snag because "he hopes the NBA will rescind a $2.5-million fine and lifetime ban from all league activities." That's right, people. The soon-to-be former owner of the Clips really wants to be absolved of the penalties levied against him by the league before signing the final paperwork.

Doesn't Sterling know that a majority of the league can't wait for the day when this guy's name is no longer associated with the NBA? Why would he even hope for the lifetime ban to be lifted? Does Sterling really want to be seen at future games? This penalty is probably a blessing in disguise.

Either way, new Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is going to stick tight and wait until Sterling signs off on the deal. So, basically, the ball is in Donald's court for now and as a result, we may not be done with this seemingly never-ending saga just yet.    

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[via LA Times]