DeMarcus Cousins has a bad rap in some NBA circles. He's been suspended several times by both the Kings and the NBA for (to generalize here) behavioral problems. He got his head coach fired in 2012 after that same coach suspended him just days prior. Cousins' talent is tremendous though, and some feel that the Kings are married to it, through thick and thin.

Look at how much I had to say for him right there? Above is a hilarious video of Cousins donning a "Boogie" mask and "Boogie vision" (and a pair of Red Air Yeezys to boot), going around ESPN L.A.'s offices and scaring the living crap out of every employee within striking distance. It's epic. But I still felt the need to harp on Cousins' name. This is the kind of player he is.

Never change, Boogie. 


[via Extra Mustard]