You remember the famous Biggie lyric right? "You either slinging crack rock, or you got a wicked jump shot." Well, this story has a little bit of both.?For the record, Harrington is a career 44.4 percent shooter from the field, so maybe wicked is the wrong choice of words for this particular case. Ronald "Ra Diggs" Herron is the alleged leader of a drug gang in the Gowanus Houses projects in Brooklyn. He's on trial for racketeering and murder, and according to defense lawyers, he had an association with Al Harrington, and had asked the former New York Knick to assist him financially to get his hip-hop career off the ground. Before he was arrested, Herron recorded a couple music videos and Harrington appeared in several of them. In court, there was an attempt to establish the connection between Herron and Harrington, but that was shot down by the judge, who said anything regarding the relationship between the drug lord and the NBA player is not within the scope of cross-examination. While the videos show a connection between the two, anything beyond that is just speculation. But professional leagues?most notably the NFL?have clamped down on athletes with any affiliation with gangs or groups that are involved in any type of violent activity. Whether this becomes a bigger deal for Harrington's NBA career remains to be seen. For now, it's just an NBA player's name popping up in a place you don't expect. Follow me on Twitter @steven_lebron