Getting hit by a car is no fun. But if it happens to you, you might as well make the most of it, right?

Uh, right. We guess. And that's exactly what an 18-year-old student named Wang Dafan did recently. She got hit by a car while she was riding a moped in Beijing and suffered injuries to her head, arms, and legs. So after the accident, she called police and asked for an ambulance to come and check her out. And then, while she waited for help to arrive, she did something pretty strange—she pulled out a tablet and started studying her English. She found that it helped her forget about the discomfort she was feeling and resulted in her learning more than 100 English words.

"Studying the English words was a great help and soothed my pain," she said later. "I was in pain but the study kept my mind off feeling hurt. I think that we are all on this earth for such a short time that we owe it to our family, friends, and each others to become the best that we can be and you can only do this if you are educated."

Education is important. No doubt about it. But would studying be the first thing that popped into your mind after getting hit by a car? Probably not. So kudos to this young lady for making the most of a really bad situation.

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[via New York Post]