V. Stiviano was once again a Twitter trending topic because of her exclusive interview with Barbara Walters. She spoke with the veteran sans the visor and the "I will become president" babble.

Stiviano still supported Sterling even though the owner sort of did the opposite. Walters wasn't looking for some fluff, however; she was looking for some answers. The soon-to-be retired host was pointed in some of her inquiries, which led to some interesting answers from the associate. For example, she considers herself to be Sterling's "silly rabbit" (which is weird because he doesn't seem like the type to like Trix. He doesn't like colors). Stiviano spoke and Twitter was there to dissect and criticize. Here's the best quotes from the interview and the reactions they inspired.

I'm his right-hand arm man. I'm his best friend, his confidant. His silly rabbit.

He started paying me as an employee, and then off the books.

I think the things that he says are not what he feels.

I love him just like a father figure

I think he’s highly more traumatized and hurt by the things that he said himself. I think he can’t even believe or understand sometimes the thing he says, and I think he’s hurt by it. He’s hurting right now.

So nope. Twitter is not trying to hear it.

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