Late last night, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that head coach Mike D'Antoni was resigning from his position and cutting his ties with the team. And Lakers fans couldn't have been happier. After the season that they just endured—the Lakers assembled the worst record in franchise history during their 2013-14 campaign—they were ecstatic to see D'Antoni stepping down:

Fans weren't the only ones tweeting about D'Antoni's departure, either. Less than half an hour after the initial report about D'Antoni's resignation came out, Magic Johnson also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the situation. And somewhat surprisingly, Magic kept it extra real with a tweet that left a lot of people scratching their heads:

Now, to be fair, what Magic wrote wasn't all that different from what most other Lakers fans wrote. But because he essentially celebrated an NBA coach losing his job, a lot of people were quick to criticize him for sending out the tweet:

Do you have a problem with what he said? We do think Magic probably should have toned his tweet down a bit (he knows what it's like to fail as a head coach in the NBA, after all). But he hasn't deleted the tweet or apologized for it yet. So we're guessing he doesn't think there's a problem with him celebrating D'Antoni's downfall.

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[via @MagicJohnson]