Yesterday we brought you Mr. Bean’s red Mercedes-Benz SLS and today we’re one-upping it with Lewis Hamilton’s crimson SLS AMG Black Series. The Mercedes F1 star knows how to pick his rides.

While the regular SLS is already a rocketship, the SLS Black raises power output to 622-horsepower from Merc’s meaty 6.2L V8, and makes 0-60mph possible in a lightning-quick 3.2 seconds. Give it 11.2 seconds and it’ll be a quarter of a mile away, traveling very quickly.

Blacked-out side vents and massive wheels add fit and finish to this rare German sports car, and you can’t go wrong with gullwing doors either. But look behind Hamilton and you’ll see his old ride, the SL65 AMG Black Series. Not a bad garage he’s keeping.

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[via Celebrity Car Blog]