All pick-up warriors have been there. Those moments as you slip backwards, drifting further and further to the ground, your ass being dragged by gravity. That's when you remember that, in fact, you're not very good at basketball, and that you may look like a tool playing pick-up in a Jordan jersey. When your ankles have finally given way and you're on the pavement, it hits you: You've been crossed up.

Those who have suffered a basketball fate like that aren't alone. The pros get washed all the time. With there being so much point guard depth in NBA today, the league is barring witness to some of the most talented ball-handlers in the sport's history. Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Ty Lawson, Jamal Crawford—all of these ballers can bring it, and when they're on the perimeter, no defender is safe. Even LeBron James and Lance Stephenson were victims this season. Let that be a warning to all defenders through The Most Embarrassing Ankle-Breakers of the 2013-14 NBA Season in GIFs.

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