Early last weekend, a bunch of signs started popping up all over the place at a truck stop in Evans, Colo. Those signs, which asked truck drivers not to make repairs to their vehicles at the truck stop, started off nice enough. But the final sentence on the signs featured a racist statement that didn't sit well with a lot of people. And rightfully so.

"Truckers are welcome to purchase fuel, parts, and fluids for trucks here in our store," the sign said. "HOWEVER if it appears you are making repairs or you have your hood open on our property you will be arrested for trespassing! This goes for all truckers, but especially if you are of Mexican descent."

Obviously, this was not OK. So the police were called shortly after the signs went up and cops came out to the truck stop to investigate. And what they found was that the signs had already been removed and that they had been put up in the first place by a trucking company that reportedly has beef with the truck stop.

For now, the signs are gone and police have shut down any further investigation. But because the dispute between the truck stop and the trucking company continues, we wouldn't be surprised if they popped right back up again sometime in the near future.

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[via 9NEWS]