Volkswagen has a new concept at the Beijing Motor Show and it’s called the New Midsize Coupe. The four-door concept is in fact new, midsized (about the same proportions of a Jetta), but however not a coupe. Don’t let that minor detail bother you though; it’s quite a nice little design. 

The New Midsize Coupe, or NMC, features attractive visuals, including a swept-back roofline, LED headlights that integrate into the grille design, hunched fenders, and a sporty stance. Power should be enough to account for the NMC’s looks as well. Underneath the skin is VW’s balanced MQB platform and 2.0L TSI motor, good for 220 turbocharged horses to the front wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch tranny.

It’s still just a design concept with nothing having been slated for production yet. But with looks and performance like that, there’s a good chance it could become the next Passat.

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[via VW]