On April 1, the Mavericks—who are in the thick of things in the NBA's Western Conference and fighting for a playoff spot right now—lost a tough overtime game to the Warriors. The loss was especially tough because it included a missed goaltending call towards the end of the game that could have changed the outcome and given Dallas a win. And after that game, Mavs PA announcer Sean Heath was apparently so upset that he took to his Twitter account to rip the referees who were in charge of calling the contest. He went in, too, calling referee Danny Crawford out by name and even directing his tweets right at the @NBA Twitter account:

His tweets didn't go unnoticed, either. Apparently, someone with the NBA saw them and didn't like what Heath had to say. So according to a report, the league has hit Heath with a two-game suspension.

We actually don't disagree with what the NBA did here. Because Heath is an employee of an NBA team, he can't be out here ripping the league or calling the league "rigged." But did you even know that the NBA was allowed to suspend PA announcers?! What a weird world we live in. We didn't think we'd have to ever say this, but watch your backs, PA announcers! The NBA is watching...

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[via Eye on Basketball]