There is no group in sports more underappreciated than referees. It's their job not just to maintain control over the games, but to keep up with the best athletes in the entire world as they continue to grow bigger, faster, and stronger every year. It’s one of the most thankless professions to get into—although we hear the pay is pretty good—and subjects all those who choose to become a referee to copious amounts of emotional (and occasionally physical) abuse.

However, you know you’ve done something wrong as a referee when you become a part of the story. Whether it’s Jim Joyce robbing Armando Galarraga of a perfect game or Joey Crawford acting like a blusterous buffoon, referees often find their way into the limelight for the wrong reasons. Often their missteps can be innocuous, but sometimes they influence games, and even championships. While there are certainly many to choose from, these are the 50 Biggest Referee Fails in Sports History.

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