Goat: Michael Jordan, Bulls
Game: Game 1 @ Magic, 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals
Date: 5/7/1995

We all remember Jordan's greatest moments, whether it was his acrobatic lay-up in the 1991 Finals against the Lakers, or his final shot against the Utah Jazz in 1998. However, what history has often forgotten is his less-than-spectacular series against the Orlando Magic during the 1995 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals. Many want to attribute Jordan's missteps to rust following his time off to pursue a career in baseball. However, it can't be ignored that Jordan blew Game 1 of this series for Chicago when he allowed Nick Anderson to steal the ball away from him in the closing seconds of the game and give the Magic a one-point victory.

Even His Airness could look human every now and then. Of course, he'd later make up for this by winning three titles, so it's safe to say he's gotten this monkey off of his back.