According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson aren't "close" to a deal. However, if Jackson does take the job as the Knicks' president of basketball operations, there will be a new head coach in town. While there have been rumors swirling that Warriors head coach Mark Jackson would accept a buyout to become the Knickerbockers' next head coach, there is also a possibility that someone else who is very familiar with The Zen Master and his teachings could be in line for the job: Steve Kerr

On Sunday, ESPN's Bill Simmons said that Kerr would be a leading candidate if Phil does take the job. Meanwhile, Frank Isola of New York Daily News has also said Kerr would be strongly considered. Even though he has no NBA coaching experience, Kerr has played under some accomplished coaches, like Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Plus, in a 2013 interview with USA TODAY, Kerr admitted that while he will probably never take another front office job, coaching is something that interests him.  "I think coaching to me is more intriguing than management," he says. "The pleasure I get from the game is being involved with players." Kerr also admitted, "I've tried to pick a lot of people's brains. I'm sort of preparing for it, without it being a formal process." 

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