Last year, Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Right now, he's on trial for that murder. And apparently, he's not dealing with some of the details about the murder all that well.

Earlier today, Gert Saayman—the pathologist who examined Steenkamp's body after her death—was called to testify about what he found. He provided some pretty explicit explanations about the bullet wounds that he discovered. Things actually got so explicit that the judge in the case barred reporters from using Twitter or other forms of social media to talk about them. And Pistorius was so disturbed by what he heard that, at one point, he threw up in the courtroom, which forced the judge to put a halt to Saayman's testimony for a few minutes.

The proceedings eventually continued. But a bucket was placed by Pistorius' feet in case he felt the need to throw up again. And from the sound of things, he might need it. Because this trial is getting intense right now.

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[via Sports Illustrated]