Once upon a time, Mark Cuban had a plane pass that allowed him and a guest to fly first-class to any location in the world at any time. And according to him, he put it to good use in his younger years, jet-setting all across the globe on a whim. He talked about it during an appearance at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas and revealed that, one time, he even used it to have Magic Johnson kicked off a flight.

"I used to go to clubs in L.A. and wherever and say, 'Let's go somewhere. Let's go to Vegas,' and drag somebody [with me]," he said. "It was a first-class ticket for me and somebody else and if there weren't seats available, they'd have to kick somebody off. One day, Magic Johnson comes [expletive] and moaning off the plane. He was the victim, I guess. It made me look really good with that girl."

Ha. We don't know what's crazier—that Cuban had a pass that allowed him to fly anywhere at the drop of a hat or that Cuban once used it and a stewardess picked Magic Johnson of all people to kick off a flight so that Cuban could fly. We'll call it a tie.

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[via Fox Sports]