Over the weekend, DeMarcus Cousins—aka "Boogie Smooth"—released the YouTube video that you see above, which seemed to indicate that the Kings big man was going to be putting out an R&B album soon. The album was set to feature Chance The Rapper, Rick Ross, Chase N. Cashe, and…APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, what?!

Yup, even though it's not actually April 1 yet, it seems as though Cousins pulled a fast one on all of us. The idea for Cousins to record Misunderstood was nothing more than an elaborate April Fools' Day prank that started a little bit early. Yahoo! Sports confirmed that it was just a joke this afternoon:

We don't know what's more disappointing—that Cousins isn't actually putting out an album or that Cousins orchestrated an April Fools' Day prank two days too early. *shrugs*

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[via For The Win]