Dikembe Mutombo didn't let very many players dunk over him during his NBA career. There was that one time that Michael Jordan got him. But for the most part, players were met with rejection and a finger wag any time they decided to try and jam over Mutombo. So what he did last night should come as no surprise.

Mutombo was in Denver on Monday night to be honored by the Nuggets. And during one timeout, he decided to take part in a little skit with the Nuggets mascot. He stood in front of a trampoline, held a basketball in the air, and watched as the mascot ran towards him, jumped on the trampoline, and then went to grab the ball and dunk it over him. Except, well, Mutombo had other ideas. And let's just say that the mascot didn't dunk the ball over him as planned.

Peep the clip above to see what happened. Even in retirement, Mutombo still knows how to prevent easy buckets.

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[via NBA]