Earlier this week, a Tulsa, Okla. man left his two dogs Roscoe and Luna inside of his pickup truck while he ran inside of a house for about 15 minutes. But when he returned to where he had parked, his truck was gone. And he was confused as to what had happened to it. Did it get stolen? Did it get towed? Did he park it in a different spot and forget? Hmmm…

As it turns out, though, none of those things happened. And what did happen was pretty insane.

Shortly after the man exited his vehicle and went inside the house, one of the dogs accidentally put the truck into drive. The truck then rolled down a nearby hill, zipped across a busy street without hitting anything or anyone, and drove directly into the Arkansas River river bed. It took the man awhile to figure out exactly what had happened. But by the time he found his truck, it was wet, dirty, and heavily damaged.

Fortunately, Roscoe and Luna were OK. They both jumped out of the truck shortly after the man found it. But their accident is going to cost their owner a pretty penny.

"It's an expensive joyride," he said.

Expensive and completely preventable. Next time, don't leave your dogs inside of the car for 15 minutes, dude. And if you do, hit the emergency brake before you leave.

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[via KRMG]