Even though the score would lead you to think that Super Bowl 48 was an offensive onslaught by the Seattle Seahawks, it was actually quite the opposite. The Seahawks' defense absolutely destroyed the most potent offense from the regular season, the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning? What's a Peyton Manning? 

Linebacker Malcolm Smith was one of multiple leaders on the Seattle D and finished the game with nine tackles, an interception returned for a touchdown and a fumble recovery. That performance earned him the Super Bowl MVP and a top-of-the-line Chevrolet Silverado High Country 4x4 in a pearly white. That might seem a little underwhelming compared to the C7 Corvette that Joe Flacco received last year, but what's he going to do? Complain about a free car? Excuse the grainy photos, they were pictures taken of a TV. 

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