Earlier this week, Richie Incognito took a baseball bat and did some serious damage to his own Ferrari. Yesterday, he spoke with Fox 10 News in Phoenix about the incident and the interview that he did with them was very, very, very weird. He explained that he was "venting" when he smashed up his luxury ride and also referred to his busted-up car as "a piece of art." And when he was asked a question about what the last few months have been like for him, in light of the Wells Report coming out and his situation with Jonathan Martin, his response was, again, weird. Frankly, he sounded like a guy who was going through some things and needed some help. Watch the interview here:

FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com

Fortunately, it sounds like Incognito is going to get the help he needs soon. NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington just revealed that Incognito has been checked into a rehab facility to deal with the mental stress that he's been facing lately:

All we have to say is…good for him. We've been critical of Incognito in the past, just like others have. But after watching the interview he did yesterday, he really looked like a guy who needed some time away to gather himself. Otherwise, he was probably going to head down a self-destructive path and get himself into more trouble in the future. So hopefully, he gets the help he needs in the coming months and comes out of all of this a better person.

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