Imagine how great it'd be if we could run our cars off of something we're constantly surrounded by. No, we're not talking about idiots—although that would solve two problems—we're talking about air. French car manufacturer Peugeot is about to make that happen next year. 

The company announced they'll release a hybrid in 2014 that combines the power of compressed air and gas. At speeds lower than 43 mph, the compressed air will power the car for "60 to 80 percent" of the time. It works by storing and releasing energy with compressed air cylinders. And the best part: those cylinders will fill up on their own. 

Apparently Peugeot has been working on the technology in secret for the past two years. The plan is to debut the system in smaller cars like the Peugeot 208. By 2020 the cars are expected to be able to stretch out 117 miles per gallon. If this all works out, expect Peugeot to get a lot more love (and for us to take it easy on the French jokes). 

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[via Daily Mail