Michael Vick's NFL career is coming to an end. Sure, he still wants to be a starting quarterback for some NFL team out there. But he'll be 34 when the 2014-15 NFL season kicks off in September. So he's probably not going to find too many suitors this offseason when he becomes a free agent.

Not to worry, though. If Vick's NFL career does end sometime in the near future, he's already got a few other business ventures going. And there's one in particular that he thinks is going to be BIG for him. So big that he took some time yesterday to announce it on Twitter. So big that he couldn't do it alone; he needed to bring his new business partner Bow Wow into the mix to help him with it. So big that…well, just take a look for yourself:

That's right, guys. Vick and Bow Wow are set to change the game with their new company called WaveMasterz. They haven't officially launched the company just yet. But when they do, they're going to try and become your No. 1 source for durags, skull caps, pomades, brushes, and other hair care products. And as they say on the official WaveMasterz site, they're "gonna set ya city on…FIRE."

Sounds…promising? Or something. We don't know that this is the game-changer that Vick & Co. think it's going to be. But hey, at least it's not another celebrity clothing line, right? Er, right.

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[via The Star Ledger]