Michael Vick is not ready to let his dream die. Even though he will turn 34 next summer, Vick—who lost his starting job with the Eagles to Nick Foles earlier this season—just revealed that he still expects to be a starting quarterback in the NFL next season. He is prepared to serve as Foles' backup next season if no other teams come calling. But he also still wants to be a starter and not just a backup, if any other NFL teams are interested.

"My skill set is still there," he said yesterday. "My arm is still there, my legs are still there, I'm still a playmaker, that's evident. I think at some point I'll be playing somewhere."

Where, though, is the question. At this point in his career, Vick doesn't have a whole lot of life left in his legs. Plus, he's spent the majority of the last two seasons sitting on the bench with injuries. So which NFL team has a need for a seasoned vet like Vick?

We'll wait.

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[via ESPN]