Normally, carmakers wait to reveal their new offerings at the next big auto show. Land Rover apparently isn’t good at waiting, and has teased yet another special edition from its current lineup, the Defender Black Pack and Silver Pack.

Other than ABS and Dynamic Stability Control as standard, there are no fancy tech upgrades to speak of here. The two new packs offer refined and upscale trim options, allowing buyers to dress-up the agricultural Defender. The Black Pack features an intimidating black finish applied to the roof, front fascia, wheel arches, badge, and interior elements. Cars don’t get better looking than this black-on-grey color scheme. The Silver Pack unsurprisingly features a silver treatment to many of the aforementioned areas, except on a black vehicle. 

Privacy glass finds its way to the side windows in both packs, but thanks to visibility regulations the rear window remains un-tinted. That’s a little awkward. Inside, both packs feature color-matching headliners that add to the more fashionable feel of these top-of-the-range Rovers. If only we could buy them in the states. 

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[via Land Rover]