For the past 25 years, the NBA All-Star Game has been an event dominated by men of color. But that shouldn't come as a surprise. Since 1989, we have seen the greatness that is Michael Jordan to centers such as Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson to future Hall of Famers like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Meanwhile, white players of American, Canadian and European descent selected for the Eastern and Western Conference roster have become, well, the minority. In fact, there have only been 28 total in that span. Twenty-eight!

As you will see, nearly half of the 28 players have only been able to crack an All-Star Game roster once, which makes sense given their middle-of-the-pack, role player career numbers, Then, of course, there are the more well-known, talented guys, like Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Love and John Stockton. Check out the breakdown of all of their stats, NBA teams and more in this Brief Rundown of Every White NBA All-Star of the Past 25 Years Infographic below.