The Dallas Cowboys are facing some cap problems this offseason. As a result, the Cowboys may need to release one player or a few of their higher-earning players. With a cap number of $16 million in 2014, DeMarcus Ware could become cap casualty in an effort to clear some space. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, owner Jerry Jones talked about the possibility of cutting Ware, saying, “There’s no question when you are where we are on the cap, even though we’ve had some new cap space added, and you have a defensive player that’s your highest paid defensive player, and he hasn’t been on the field much the last two years, that has to be considered,” Jones said. You can’t have it all."

It's terrible that Ware, who will turn 32 in July, may need to be cut, but, um, maybe the Cowboys shouldn't have given Tony Romo that lucrative six-year, $106 million contract extension last year. Just saying. 

[via Pro Football Talk]