If Chad Johnson and Ray Lewis ever got into a fight—like, an actual fight—our money would have to be on Lewis. Johnson might look tough:

But c'mon, there's no way that Johnson would be any match for this:

Or would he? Last night on Twitter, the former NFL wide receiver revealed that, on two separate occasions during his career, he tried to fight Lewis. The first time, it was because Lewis knocked his helmet off during a game:

But he claims that Ed Reed talked him out of putting his "paws" on Lewis:

However, he says that he didn't stop there. The next time he saw Lewis, he tried fighting him again:

But Lewis wasn't having any of it:

And eventually, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis intervened and pulled the two apart:

Johnson offered this photo up as proof that the fight almost took place:

We have no idea if Johnson is actually telling the truth here. After sending out the tweets above, he started answering questions from fans and refused to elaborate further. But we have reason to believe that Johnson did not actually try to fight Lewis. Because, well, just look at that last tweet again:

Johnson doesn't look scared. But he also doesn't look like the guy who would come out of that confrontation victorious if a fight had taken place. Just saying.

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[via The Big Lead]