When it comes down to the police's word vs. yours, you're going to be screwed. Luckily this man in Brooklyn was bailed out by a surveillance camera the crooked cops were unaware of. Robert Jackson was sitting inside a parked car when it was sideswiped by a cop car driving the wrong way. Jackson got out to ask the cops why they hit him, and was got a response appropriate for an elementary school dispute: "Dude, you ran into me." 

After looking around for any cameras that could catch them being assholes, the officers arrested Jackson for destruction of property. They would have gotten away with their shenanigans if it weren't for a camera inside a nearby home. The video got the charges dropped and is now evidence in Jackson's lawsuit

Jackson deserves some serious cheddar for dealing with the NYPD's bullshit. Spending the night in a "filthy, overpopulated, rat- and rodent-infested cell" for a bogus crime... that ain't right. 

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[via NY Post]