The last thing that Jets quarterback Geno Smith needs hanging over his head right now is another scandal. He already endured one at the top of the year thanks to an angry groupie. And at the end of last week, it sounded like he was going to have a second scandal on his hands after he was escorted off of a Virgin America flight at Los Angeles International Airport.

As it turns out, though, Smith didn't do anything wrong. Virgin looked into the incident this week and, yesterday, they issued an apology to Smith and essentially said "Our bad!" with regards to him getting removed from the flight.

"After a full review of the incident, we believe it was the result of a misunderstanding that regrettably escalated unnecessarily," they said in a statement. "We've apologized to Mr. Smith for his experience, which could have been better—and we'd welcome him back onboard any time. As an airline that prides itself on our guest service, we take incidents such as this one very seriously."

Smith responded by accepting Virgin's apology and by saying, "I look forward to flying their airline again soon." Riiiiiiight. We're sure he's actually going to do that.

Whatever, though. We're just glad to see Smith put this behind him. Now can he please go back to making headlines for things that he does on the football field?

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[via New York Jets]