Earlier today, the New York Times published a piece on Richard Sherman. And while the essay does focus on the much talked about portions of Sherman's life, like his upbringing in Compton, his grades in Dominguez High School and Stanford, there is one interesting thing that we have never heard before that caught our eye. Sherman is a big Harry Potter fan.

Now, how far does his fandom go? Well, Sherman apparently "devoured" the books and even though he would attend the midnight screenings, he never got into costume. So, not too bad, right? Oh, there's one thing we forgot to add. This past Christmas, Sherman's favorite gift was a remote control in the shape of a magic wand. Yeah...either way, Richard is still pretty cool. 

In addition to that discovery, the piece also made some other interesting revelations, like his family and friends believe Sherman has a photographic memory because his brother claims the Seahawks cornerback memorized his wireless network password at home, 18 letters and numbers, after just one glance. And, Stanford's secondary coach Clayton White was so elated when Sherman was granted the opportunity by then-head coach Jim Harbaugh to move from wide receiver to cornerback that he went into his office, closed the door and pumped his fist. Former teammate Michael Thomas added that the move "saved his football career." Could you imagine life without Sherman anymore? 

To read the entire piece on Sherman, click here

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[via New York Times]