Rajon Rondo is coming back to the Boston Celtics very soon. How soon? Well, according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Rondo is targeting Jan. 17 when the Los Angeles Lakers come into the TD Bank Garden"I feel like I'm ready now, but I'm not in shape," he said. "I can go out there and I can give the team 10 minutes. I want to be productive out there. I don't want to limp or drag behind because of my cardio. That would be hurting the team." 

When he does return, Rondo will be sporting a knee brace covered by a sleeve. And even though Rajon has been cleared to practice for nearly a month now with no swelling in his surgerically repaired right knee, don't expect the 27-year-old to hit the ground running. It is believed that the team will play him limited minutes at first as his conditioning continues to improve. But hey, a limited Rondo is better than no Rondo at all, right? 

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[via Yahoo! Sports]