The Pentagon is trying to turn the military into a "more nimble" fighting force—which leaves the country's stock of 40,000-pound armored trucks in an awkward position. So awkward, in fact, the Pentagon is giving away 13,000 of them.

So far 200 of the vehicles have been given to local police departments, and there are requests pending for 750 more. John Crouse, the sherriff's captain of Florence County, S.C., gave his rational for acquiring an armored truck: “The price was right because it was free and it fit with what we need it to do. It stops bullets. It keeps you from getting shot." 

That's an understatement. These babies can withstand mines. Foreign allies are also welcome to take the trucks. However, businesses and private individuals aren't eligible. Looks like we have to give up our dreams of a Complex armored truck. 

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[via Washington Times