Good news, Bears fan! No, no, your team still ins't going to the NFL Playoffs this season. But they should be set up to make plenty of trips to the playoffs over the course of the next seven years.

Jay Cutler just agreed to a new seven-year contract with the Bears. The financial terms of the contract haven't been announced just yet. But Cutler could have left Chicago and signed with another team this NFL offseason if he wanted to. So this is definitely a win for the Bears, who will now have Cutler on their roster through 2020.

The Bears still need to do something about their porous defense in order for them to be a legit Super Bowl contender next season. But getting Cutler to re-sign with them is a big deal for the Bears and means that they'll be in playoff contention next season and the season after that and the five seasons after that, assuming, of course, Cutler can stay healthy.

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[via Pro Football Talk]