Early last week, a 20-year-old University of Houston student named Brittany Norwood revealed that she was pregnant with Arian Foster's child. She said that the two had met last summer when Foster was attending the Texans' training camp and that they started a relationship that eventually led to her pregnancy. Norwood also claimed that, upon finding out that she was pregnant, Foster asked her to have an abortion. So she sued him for child support and for the "emotional distress" he had caused her to experience by asking her to abort her unborn child.

When a reporter approached Foster in Houston last week and attempted to ask him about it, it did not go well. But Foster has finally responded to Norwood's lawsuit by filing a lawsuit of his own. According to the Houston Press, Foster's countersuit says that Norwood's claims are "groundless and baseless." It also says that Foster believes Norwood filed the suit "with the intent to extort monies from" him. And he is hoping that his lawsuit will result in Norwood paying all court costs, expenses, and attorney fees with regards to her lawsuit. Additionally, he wants Norwood to pay him for things like "damages to his reputation," "lost income," and "pain and suffering."

What does this tell us about the case? Well, it tells us that this is going to get messy. Real messy. Norwood is sticking to her story. Foster is sticking to his. And a judge is going to have to rule on who was right and who was wrong as it pertains to their relationship and the child that they conceived together. What a mess.

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[via Houston Press]