The Detroit Lions will go on the road on Sunday to play a game against the Minnesota Vikings. But after that, the Lions 2013 season will be over. And their head coach Jim Schwartz will, in all likelihood, be out of a job because of the fact that the talented Lions missed the playoffs this season. However, Schwartz isn't done trying to help the Lions improve in the future.

Earlier today, the Lions head coach announced that the team just signed Carlin Isles to their practice squad. Isles has been described as "the fastest man in American rugby" and has become a YouTube sensation thanks to clips like this:

There's just one problem: Isles has played plenty of rugby in the past…but he has never played pro football (he did, however, play college football at Ashland University). So while the Lions are going to try and transform him into a wide receiver, it's probably going to be awhile until Isles lines up and takes a snap for the Lions. In fact, it could be a year or two before they even consider it. And since Schwartz might be on the chopping block come Monday morning, Isles' stay in Detroit could be very short-lived.

All we're saying is that we hope Isles doesn't get too comfy with the Lions. Because if the Lions coaching situation changes soon, the deal he just signed could be taken away before the ink on it even dries.

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[via ESPN NFL]