One team is at the bottom of the worst division in the league at 3-10. One team is at the bottom of the worst division in the league at 3-10 and maybe 2 after getting a moral victory by only losing by less than 15 to the Trail Blazers (a shame such things don't count toward the standings). One team is way less intimidating on the court than its name. They're all off to rough starts early in this basketball season. But only one can be The Worst Basketball Team in New York Today.


New York rap isn't back, but the city's terrible team is. The Knicks actually have a worst record than when New York had its last undisputable classic album. In 2003, when The Black Album and Diplomatic Immunity dropped, New York started off with a 4-9 record. Now the team is 3-10 and it's no thanks to who's supposed to be its key players. Just a quick glance at Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith's stats expose they're part of the problem. Shumpert, who's a starter, logged zero points, zero rebounds, and zero assists. J.R. Smith, who's the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, was only 2-for-8 in a season where he's shooting just 32.1 percent for the season. Even with Carmelo Anthony busting his ass by shooting over 50 percent on a 34-point match, things aren't going to get better if his teammates don't step up. The worst part about it all is Dipset isn't even around to ease the pain. Shit is tragic.


So what about them Brooklyn what would've been asked if we were in 2012. But they're with a new coach (would sticking with P.J. Carlesimo have been a better decision?), an old and expensive team, and a bad record. Pistons sent Brandon Knight to the unfortunate fate of being with the 2-11 Bucks in exchange for Brandon Jennings, who helped do the Nets in with 14 points and 10 assists (but the man needs a little work after shooting 2-for-10). Rodney Stuckey's 27 points didn't help the Nets much either. Joe Johnson led with 34 points, but when Kevin Garnett is shooting 2-for-9 and your bench not adding much, you're only going to get a few very expensive losses


The Black Knights get a nomination because it looks like they're headed in the opposite direction of where they're supposed to be going. After winning its second game, Army fell by five points to NJIT, then 15 to Delaware, then 33 points yesterday against Notre Dame. It's a very good Notre Dame team but losing by 33 points is embarrassing in most circumstances. Moral victories? Overrated.


Army. Hard to pick since the Nets and the Knicks are both looking up in a division without a single team above .500. They're both in a heated competition for worst team in New York. Although many would rather they compete for—you know—the division title, they are in competition with each other. It's twisted, but there's always excitement to be found in competition. The Patriot League not so much. Army=WORST.