Did we put up our list of the 50 biggest referee fails in sports history a few days too early? It sure sounds like it. Because according to a Washington Redskins player, one NFL umpire went waaaaaaay over the line during a game yesterday, and he could end up getting penalized by the league for it.

Redskins left tackle Trent Williams claims that umpire Roy Ellison cursed him out during the first half of Washington's game against the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday. Specifically, Williams says that Ellison approached him after a play and referred to him as a "garbage-ass, disrespectful motherfucker." Williams told reporters all about it after the 'Skins loss to the Eagles.

"This is a players' league," he said. "I don't think there's no room for that...It's very unprofessional. It sucks. I'm at a loss for words. You never expect that as a player to have to beef with the refs also."

Williams isn't the only one who heard Ellison curse at him, either. Several of his teammates backed up his story.

"I've never heard anything like that before in my life," Redskins guard Kory Lichtensteiger said. "I don't know what it was, but that guy came out with some kind of vendetta. I don't have a lot else to say, but I heard that comment."

Normally, a player making negative comments about a referee after a game can expect to receive a fine. But in this particular case, an NFL spokesman has already come out and said that the league is going to look into Williams' claim. And if it's found to be true, Ellison could be in big trouble. Stay tuned.

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[via ESPN]