This Holiday season Cadillac and Saks Fifth Avenue are joining forces to make one of the most overpriced Christmas gifts you'll see. 

Who do you know will be spending $75K for a car these holidays? What about $90,000?  Do you need to give a special someone a fancy, emission-conscious surprise? Probably not, but low and behold, we get the 2014 Cadillac Saks Fifth Avenue ELR anyway. Only 100 special edition units will be produced and it will be featured in the 2013 Saks Holiday Catalog.

Aside from exclusivity, the Saks special edition Cadillac will feature an exclusive White Diamond exterior paint, with an interior in either Jet Black or Light Cashmere. It'll also come with an upgraded 240-volt charging station with professional installation and access to Concierge Representatives to offer information on battery care, home charging, service scheduling, and news and updates.

Now remember, the Cadillac ELR is essentially a Chevy Volt in a tuxedo. It might be luxury, but the price jump from about $40,000 (recently bumped to $34,995 before refunds!) for the Volt to around $75,000 for the ELR is hardly justifiable. Adding on another $15,000 for a charge station and an operator, just sounds like a stick up.

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