On Sunday night, the New England Patriots were staging an incredible comeback and they probably couldn't have done it without the help of the girlfriend of head coach Bill Belichick, Linda Holliday. No, Holliday didn't throw on some pads and catch a few passes or anything like that. Instead, on a pivotal 3rd and goal and Denver's 6-yard-line, the Patriots offensive line spotted something from the Broncos' defense, so they shouted "Cougar!" twice. Whatever that meant, it caused Tom Brady to respond with "Linda!" What followed was a touchdown reception by Rob Gronkowski in the middle of the field. Check out the play here.  

Maybe it's a case of just reading too much into things, which is pretty much what Brady suggested when he was on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” show yesterday. “We’ve got a lot of calls at the line of scrimmage, some are protection calls, some are calls where we’re directing guys, we got run calls, we got pass calls, we got protection calls, we got dummy calls, so you don’t get locked into one or two things...we ended up using them all,” Brady said. 

But what does Ms. Holliday think about her possible association with the audible? “Well, since it was obviously a good call and a well-executed play, I’ll take a tiny bit of credit — but only for a well-named play,” Linda told the Track. “Seriously, the whole team played hard and we all couldn’t be happier, right?!?”

Hmm. Cougar? Linda? A play with the hot route going up the middle? You're a sneaky man, Belichick.  

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[via Boston Herald]