Anyone who's followed Derrick Rose from that 2011 playoff game where he tore his ACL until now has been having a gloomy Saturday after the news hit this afternoon. Rose was diagnosed with a meniscus injury that requires surgery and will knock him out indefinitely

Rose hasn't been having a great season; he was shooting 35.4 percent despite his reported confidence in his jump shot. It's hard to get reacclimated after this type of injury, however, especially with the aggressive way Rose plays. This meniscus injury makes things even harder, and everyone from sports fans and and NBA players sympathized with Rose over the news. 

But since we're dealing with people, not everybody was as sympathetic. Tweeters decided to crack jokes at the Chicago Bulls' misfortune while others were a bit more harsh. Here's how Twitter Dissed Derrick Rose for Getting Injured Again.

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