The Cavaliers have one of the best point guards in the league in Kyrie Irving, but it certainly would help more if the parts around him were moving smooth enough to avoid a 3-7 start. The poor start would probably sting a lot less if they didn't get blown out 124-95 by Minnesota on Wednesday. The Cavaliers are understandably pissed. What's a little less understandable is why they almost took it out on each other.

ESPN reports that tempers flared at a players-only meeting Cleveland had right after the mopping at Minnesota. The tensions aren't just between the players either, as Irving and coach Mike Brown were seen getting into an argument at the bench during Monday's game—a loss—against the Bulls. A rift between a player and a coach is never a good sign for the latter. Brown should know this more than anybody.

Whatever the exact issue is, the Cleveland players have to get it straightened out ASAP. And no, you can't just use the "Blame it on Bynum" strategy here.

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[via ESPN]