You might remember Zaha Hadid and her design team in the RIDES world from their innovative Z.Car, a concept that had great ideas, but never actually took off into production form. Now she's back on our radar, but for a different reason, this time taking her designs to open waters. 

This is the Unique Circle Yachts Concept (and unique it is). It consists of five small yachts and an enormous "mothership." 

“Until now, we’ve had to wait for a client to come to us with their idea and design, and there could still be a tendering process,” Dr. Herbert Aly, who runs Blohm+Voss, told Superyacht News. “When we decided to come to market with our own concept, it had to be something truly unexpected and exceptional. That was the basis of this collaboration with Zaha Hadid.”

We'll be back in two months, we're going to go see if we can get a test ride. 

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[via National Post