What would you do if a secret admirer left a note for you on your car? You would probably be flattered by it, right? Well, that is not how a Lakewood, Ohio woman reacted when a man left a note for her on her car recently.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the unidentified woman called the cops after she found a note on her car last week from one of her male neighbors who lives in the same apartment complex as her. In the note, the neighbor revealed that he thought the woman was cute. He also included his name and phone number and asked her to give him a call. But she apparently didn't want to have anything to do with him. So she contacted police and asked them to document the situation. She did not want to press charges or have the cops contact the man. But she did want to let it be known that she would not hesitate to call the cops again if the man left her another note.

Do you think that the woman overreacted here? When we first read the story, we thought that she went a little bit too far when she called the cops on a man for leaving her a nice note. But at the same time, we can definitely see how she could be a little bit creeped out by a guy leaving his personal info on her windshield. So the lesson that we learned from all of this is that if you want to ask a woman out, you should go ahead and, you know, ask her out. Otherwise, you might end up getting rejected in the worst way possible, which is what happened to the guy in this situation.

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[via Cleveland Plain Dealer]